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 Cape Point Bakery

- Artisanal Cape Peninsula Bread -



suppliers of quality sourdough based breads to delis, restaurants, hotels, caterers .....

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Sourdough Breads
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Our Bakery

Cape Point Bakery started as a small bakery in our house on Beach Road in Scarborough. Customers walked through our yard to buy their daily breads, and often hung around for a bit, chatting or just enjoying watching the bakers do their magic.

At the end of 2015 we moved the shop to the Main Road in Scarborough, and since then we have been residing under the roof of The Village Hub.


In early 2017 we moved our working bakery to Sea Point, where we baked fresh breads every night and morning in our small, kosher Beth Din certified bakery.

Due to a growing demand for our product by delis, restaurants and guest houses, we decided to concentrate uniquely on baking bread. In October 2018 we moved to a bright new bakery in Muizenberg from which we deliver our product around the Cape.

To visit us and sample the breads is possible 7 days a week at Harbour Bay shopping centre in Simonstown @ The Baker's Wife; a lovely, cozy place with a great offering of other goodies besides our breads.


 Hein Van de Geyn

Our Breads


At Cape Point Bakery we believe in real bread. Bread with no artificial enhancements or dubious chemicals added to it. Bread that has both nutritional value and wonderful flavour.


This means we take our time to prepare our bread rather than churning out as much product as we can in as little time possible. Our bread is all based on a natural sourdough leaven that ferments the grain, making it more digestible and nutritious than the bread you would find at the supermarket or even in many bakeries. This is the way all bread was produced for thousands of years until mass consumerism took hold in the middle of the twentieth century, bringing with it new allergies and health concerns that are only now starting to be identified. The new wave of gluten sensitivity, wheat intolerance and similar issues may not necessarily be caused by bread per se, but rather by the poor quality modern bread most of the world is consuming.


What we strive to offer is a variety of healthy, tasty breads made from the best and simplest ingredients. We use Eureka stoneground flour exclusively, Khoisan hand harvested sea salt (no micro-plastic particles) and filtered water.